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Our Services

We Are providing Meat Product Business Consultancy. We are Promoting the Business in Online Platforms by Digital Advertising & Marketing. By Using Our Services Our Client get Growth in their Business.

business consultancy

We give recommendations to Improve the meat product quality, processing, packaging and product Selling for the meat business.

They seek consultancy For optimize production processes, expand their market reach, to give Quality Assurance, to select Product Variety and Specialization, to give better Customer Service, to announce Promotions and Discounts, to get Online Presence and Convenience, to get Feedback and Improvement.

We are giving full support for all the above things to Our Clients.

Digital Advertising

We use campaigns to advertise our client’s meat products in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google and Pinterest. We will Share product images, meat cooking videos in those platforms. We also do website work, follows comments and messages of the customers. We build an audiance around their brand.

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We Build an email list of customers and prospects interested in your meat products. We Send regular newsletters with updates, promotions, new product launches, and helpful tips. We Personalize your emails to enhance engagement and encourage repeat purchases.

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We Should Notice Below Points When Meat Product Sales

  • Name of the meat product (e.g., Fish, Goat, chicken, etc.).
  • Product SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) or code for identification.
  • Description of the product (cut, grade, weight, etc.).
  • Packaging type (e.g., vacuum-sealed, frozen, fresh).
  • Date of sale.
  • Quantity sold (units, kilograms, etc.).
  • Price per unit.
  • Total sales revenue.
  • Sales channel (e.g., retail store, online platform, farmers’ market).
  • Customer ID or name (for business-to-business sales).
  • Customer type (individual consumer, restaurant, retailer, etc.).
  • Customer location (city, region, country).
  • Payment method (cash, credit card, online payment).
  • Salesperson or representative handling the sale (for B2B transactions).
  • Order fulfillment details (shipping method, delivery date).
  • Batch or lot number (especially important for traceability and recalls).
  • Compliance with food safety standards and regulations.
  • Certification details (e.g., organic, halal, kosher).
  • Promotion or discount applied (if any).
  • Campaign or reason for promotion (e.g., seasonal sale, clearance).
  • Customer feedback or comments.
  • Notes on any issues encountered (e.g., quality concerns, delivery delays).
  • Sales performance metrics (daily, weekly, monthly, annually).
  • Revenue trends.
  • Customer buying patterns (frequency, volume).

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